Talent show


Mon bébé and his buddies were invited to the Talent Show at Caves Books. The 3 little ones were the first on stage that Sunday afternoon. They introduced themselves in French and then performed 2 easy French rhymes. Their first stage experience went quite well, in my opinion^_^.

All of the participants received medals, certificates and gifts in the end. What a lovely event!

talent show-01

talent show-02

talent show-03

talent show-04

Fashion Tips: agnès b. black tie t-shirt, Muji pants & Nike sneakers.

Water Park


We would like to say a BIG thank to auntie Jovia for taking such vivid pictures at Road Castle water park. It is a great gift for mon bébé’s 3rd year old birthday!!

road castle-01

road castle-02

road castle-06

 road castle-05

road castle-07

road castle-04

road castle-03

Fashion Tips: Nameless brand for mon bébé’s striped swinsuit.



Mon bébé and his little buddies went to Taipei Fine Art Museum this morning. And they had a great jumping & running time >_lll.


IMG_20140812_111852From left to right: YaYa (mon bébé), PanPan, HuHu, WeiWei & Sissi.




Fashion Tips: Burberry striped shirt, H&M grey shorts & SkippOn striped shoes.

Water time


Special thanks to auntie Judi for inviting us to the VIP rooftop pool (haha). We had lots of fun!

water time-01

water time-02

Fashion tips: Striped swimsuit.

Allez les bleus!!!


Thank you to auntie Judi for the French world cup gear. Tonight, Mon bébé and his 2 cousins will hurray for the blue team.

world cup

Fashion Tips: 2014 French world cup jersey & shorts.

A little visitor


Recently, we have a little visitor, a female cat named Pipi. Mon bébé is quite happy to have a new companion at home. He enjoys looking for Pipi’s hiding place, running after her and feeding her. A few minutes ago, Mon bébé finally got to hold Pipi in his little arms before she heads home tomorrow.


Fashion Tips: H&M t-shirt & made in Taiwan black shorts.

Water play…


Auntie Judi bought a paddle pool for cousins A-Sam & A-Joe a while ago. Yesterday, mon bébé finally got his chance to play in it. Mon bébé just loved it. He couldn’t stop splashing the water, stomping it, playing the water balls, and sliding in it. A-Sam & A-Joe seemed to be more interested in my digital camera, though.

water play-01

water play-02

water play-03

Fashion Tips: Zara swim shorts for all 3 boys.

The Airport


Auntie Yiling and I found a new place for mon bébé and Xiaohu to play – the Songshan Airport. The kids can watch airplans taking off or landing at the observation deck. There is a Mos Burger for their liking. And above all, the big, bright, and air-conditionned airport lobby, where mon bébé and Xiaohu just couldn’t stop running, crawling and laughing.





Fashion Tips: B. Comma t shirt, Zara Baby beige trousers & Collegien indoor shoes.

Happy Birthday!!



Happy Birthday to my dear cousins!!

B party-01

B party-02

Fashion Tips: Moon Paper white shirt, H&M jeans and New Balance shoes (for mon bébé) H&M white shirt + bow tie, local brand pants & Puma shoes (for cousins).

A picnic day…



iF A-Gon invited us to have a Saturday morning picnic at Da An forest park today.

It is not only a good place for picnic, but also a super cool place for kids to play, swing, and ride. Mon bébé had a great time. So did his 2 little cousins A-Sam & A-Joe.

Fashion Tips: H&M trompe l’oeil t-shirt, Baby Gap bodysuit, Crocodile Junior shorts (mon bébé) & Ralph Lauren one-piece (A-Sam & A-Joe).

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