Bicycle training


Mon bébé is learning to ride his new balance bike now. Last Sunday, we took him to Taida (National Taiwan University) to practice his bike skills. It seemed that mon bébé was motivated by all the bike riders on the Palm Boulevard and enjoyed being a to-be-cyclist for quite a while.

bicycle training-01

bicycle training-02

bicycle training-03

Fashion Tips: Blue Wind polka dots shirt, Bout’chou white shorts, Adidas navy blue sneakers & Giant balance bicycle (bicycle without pedals).

Super heros


We would like to thank auntie Judi’s friend, Mr. Yen for giving mon bébé 2 super hero dolls–Hulk and Captain America. They are so cute that we just can’t resist their charm.

super hero

Fashion Tips: Bout’chou hawaii bay shirt & Old Navy grey shorts.

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