Mon bébé just lost his FIRST baby tooth during our trip in Tokyo while eating his breakfast. It was certainly an exceptional experience for me. I pretended that I was super calm and everthing was under control. But the truth was that I was scared to hell when the tooth moved back and forth like a tumbler toy.


Fashion Tips: 19 teeth to go.



Mon bébé got up very early this morning for his X’mas gifts. And he was so happy!!

Thank you to all friends and family members for the wonderful presents.

Thank you also to Santa, for helping us negotiate with mon bébé XD.



Fashion Tips: North Pole pajamas.

Mon bébé had baby bottle decay on his 2 front teeth. After taking the root canal treatment for about 2 months, he got 2 little temporary crown teeth.

Mon bébé was calm and brave during this uneasy and long procedure. We are proud of him!



Fashion Tips: Black t-shirt & grey jacket by H&M.

July report


We have been working hard to resume our routine lives since we came back from Paris. Everything is fine for mon bébé, not to mention that he gets to play with his buddies every school day. But the biggest news is that mon bébé has slept in his own bed for about 2 weeks now. This is surely a wonderful progress for me as well, for I finally get to sleep tight and need not worry about being disturbed by his sidekicks.


Fashion Tips: Ikea kid’s bed and bedding.

Bath time


At the age of 4 and half, mon bébé can take a bath all by himself, and he does it surprisingly well. The following step by step picture can tell everything ^_<.


Fashion Tips: None.



After working at Family Mart and 7-11, mon bébé had the chance to be Uncle McDonald’s apprentice last week. Mon bébé washed his hands properly, examined fast food quality, mopped tables, and worked at the checkout. At the end, mon bébé earned an ice cream and many other little gifts. How cool was that?!



Fashion Tips: McDonald’s uniform.

Strawberry picking


We had a great strawberry picking experience this afternoon. Mon bébé got to see where his favorite fruit came from. And he learned to choose them by color, and cut them without damaging the fragile strawberries.



Fashion Tips: Red Sox cap, H&M navy blue jacket, Uniqlo black vest, à la Sha pants & Puma BMW sneakers.

Picnic in March



Mon bébé had been praying for a picnic for quite a while. Yesterday, we finally had the leisure to go picnic at the park. Mon bébé enjoyed having his big M breakfast, taking photos with his camera, and picking up some wild flowers for maman. The happiness truly can be found in simple things.


Fashion Tips: Zara Kids t-shirt & Hugo Boss jeans.

Camping at home


What can I say more? Mon bébé just loves his new big toy, a place all for himself. A tent at home is certainly a joyful mini-adventure for the little one and no-hardship camping experience for the big ones.





Fashion Tips: tent from Flying Tiger.

School life


After 12 days of the Lunar New Year’s recess, we can’t wait to see mon bébé getting back to shcool tomorrow. I am sure the little one misses his school life as well XD.

school life-01

school life-02.jpg

school life-03

school life-04

Fashion Tips: H&M pirate t-shirt, Gap vest, Gap pants & Comme ça ism slippers.

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