We would like to thank auntie Yiling and uncle Philip for giving us a coupon to stay one night at Taroko Silks Place for free. Papa and I took this opportunity to revisit Taroko, Hualien, and mon bébé travelled with us, too. We had a great time enjoying Taroko’s spectacular scenery, local food, and an impressive night show featuring young aboriginal dancers.

Day 1

Mon bébé’s very first flying experience…

Our suite…

Mon bébé spent quite some time at the kid’s playground of the hotel…

Nearby the hotel…

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap grey striped shirt, Les Enphants dark grey bear head trousers, Angel Dept batman backpack & KuKu Walk navy blue boots.



Auntie Yiling gave me a baby art work set when mon bébé was born last year, but I totally forgot to use it until lately. The set is designed for keeping new born baby’s footprints or handprints, but we figure that maybe we still can use it to create an art work with mon bébé’s 13-month-old footprints. Thankfully, it worked. There is tiny room left for signature carving in the art work box, though.

Fashion Tips: OldNavy white shirt & local polka dots pants.

On leash…


Mon bébé is moving so fast, and so uncontrollable. Sometimes, he needs to be on leash, just like FuFu used to be.

Fashion Tips: H&M “I love my favorite uncle” black shirt, Zara Baby beige trousers, Chic a Bon cream vest, Yeah white shoes & Littlelife backpack (child leash included).

A day with 2 A-Mas



It was a beautiful sunny day. After lunch, A-Ma and her friend A-Ma Chen decided to take mon bébé for a long walk. Both A-Mas enjoyed holding mon bébé’s hands and walking at his slow pace.

When two A-Mas went shopping, mon bébé waited for them, in a gentleman’s style.

(photos by Papa)

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap grey/white striped shirt, Ralph Lauren navy blue shorts & Mini-K navy blue boots.

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