One night, we decided to take mon bébé to explore the night life at Taipei’s Ning Xia night market. Papa and I haven’t visited night markets for a while, so we were all quite excited. Mon bébé was amazed by the crowd, enjoyed the fun games, and tasted some famous Taiwanese flavors. It was a night well spent.

night market-01

night market-02

night market-03

night market-04

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap hoodie sweater, Old Navy quilted vest, Baby Gap jersey pants and Nike shoes.

Hello Moo…



Today was a great sunny day. Papa decided to take mon bébé to see some animals at a small farm the NTU runs. Mon bébé was very impressed by the big and friendly cows in black and white. We called them “Moo”.




Fashion Tips: Old Navy white bodysuit, La Redoute blue cardigan, Ralph Lauren navy blue trousers & Mini-K navy blue boots.

Test driving



Last weekend, we took mon bébé to a couple of car dealers for some research and test driving. Like grown-ups, Mon bébé took his time testing his dream cars’ performace in, say, acceleration, maneuverability, and stopping distance. Mon bébé went home with empty hands, but he did have lots of fun.

test drive-02

test drive-01

Fashion Tips: Paper Moon dark grey trousers, H&M red/white pirate striped t-shirt, Zef ( black cardigan & Nike sport white shoes.

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