Happy 5


A toddler of 5-year-old is certainly different from when he was 4.

 This morning, mon bébé told us how he would like to celebrate his birthday. One scenario about his party is that, we hide somewhere at first, and then jump out and say “Surprise” after mon bébé walk into the party. As to his birthday cake. mon bébé suggested that we ask the restaurant waitress put his cake in the fridge during our meal, and then bring out the cake with a number 5 shaped candle on the top when it is about time.

We granted all his wishes one by one. But can we still call them birthday surprises  XD?

Here are mon bébé’s photos from Birthday 1 to Birthday 5. Check out his different temperaments at different stages.



Fashion Tips: Comme ça ism T shirt & TiDi Backpack

Happy 4 years old


Mon bébé has a humble wish for his birthday this year. He wishes to have a tasty strawberry. After a dinner with all his favorite dishes, he did enjoy some delicious strawberries on his chocolate birthday cake.

Happy Birthday to my darling baby, even though you make me angry more and more often >_lll.




Fashion Tips: “Have a lovely day with sun” t shirt by CFK kids.

Little photographer


yaya's camera

For mon bébé’s 3-year-old birthday, our gift is an Anpanman‘s digital camera for kids. It can take real pictures with 300,000 pixels.

This is a selection of photos mon bébé shot in the past few days. I do like the way he sees this world through his little camera.








Fashion Tips: Swiss flag t-shirt.

Thank you all



Mon bébé would like to send a flying kiss to all family members and friends who came to his 2-year-old birthday party, and hope you all had a great time.

Here are some snapshots from that afternoon:





1006-02  1006-06

Special thanks to My Gym for organizing such a playful and exciting program & Show Me J for the delicious snacks and cakes.

Fashion Tips: Nicolas & Bears bow tie polo shirt & Bout’chou white shorts.

yap, i am 2.

Fashion Tips: Bob & Blossom number t-shirt.

Birthday Parties…


iF A-Ma said that mon bébé is a lucky baby to have 3 birthday parties in a row…

Papa and I were so tired that we decided to hold mon bébé next party no sooner than 4 years from now.

2012. 09.29.

2012. 10.02.

2012. 10.07.

p.s. spacial thanks to all friends and relatives.

365 days old



Happy Birthday to the naugthy little one…

Fashion Tips: Petit Bateau striped shirt + H&M jeans.

5 months old…


Today, mon bébé is 5 months old…

He got up early and went to A-ma’s place for A-gon’s Hundred Days ceremony. Auntie said that mon bébé looks like A-gon in several pictures.

Happy 5 months old to mon bébé!! Hope one day mon bébé will be a gentleman as A-gon was. 

Fashion Tips: Mon bébé wears Jacadi overalls and Carter’s turtleneck bodysuit.


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