At B & D’s


We would like to say thank you to B (uncle MS) & D (auntie HW)*
for hosting us at their lovely house Rosemount 
in a beautiful English town. 
We all had a super great time!!
B&D-01Yap, this is B & D's house named "Rosemount."

B&D-02Papa and uncle B just couldn't stop talking while auntie D 
(the iron chef) was preparing the meal.

B&D-04Everything was deliciously made.

B&D-05Mon bébé had so much fun playing on the grass 
for the very first time.

B&D-06We had some whisky tasting 2 nights in a roll.

B&D-08In the morning, we had for breakfast auntie D's legendary homemade 
cheesecake, which was as yummy as always. 

B&D-10Pictures at Stoneleigh Abbey.

B&D-11Auntie D took some awsome pictures of mon bébé.

B&D-13Picnic at Stratford upon Avon.

B&D-14Of course, the sandwich was prepared by auntie D, too.

B&D-15Cold beer at The Garrick Inn.

B&D-17Pictures in front of Shakespeare's birthplace.

B&D-18BBQ for the second evening.

B&D-19See..., the joyful holidays we had with B & D.

*Mon bébé calls uncle MS "B" and auntie HW "D".

Fashion Tips: Baby Zara striped shirt, denim shorts & CVS shoes.

100% tourists


Yesterday, we decided to be 100% tourists by taking 
the Big Bus Tour in London. 
Mon bébé was very glad to ride on the famous 2-level bus.
Here are some snapshots taken from the top level of the bus.londre-01
Fashion Tips: Babyatt Made in Taiwan bodysuit & At Note sweater.

Cute kids in Paris



cute kids (1)
cute kids (2)
cute kids (3)
cute kids (4)
cute kids (5)
Fashion Tips: Mon bébé & cousin J both wore "Born to be a King" 
blue t shirt purchased from Château de Versailles (pic.03).

Pont des Arts


At the age of 21 months old, mon bébé is delighted to find 
a love site he might re-visit in the future with someone--
the Pont des Arts at Seine River. 
The fences on both sides of the bridge are dressed with locks, 
plenty of locks. I cannot but wonder where mon bébé could find 
a spot to lock-up his love!!pont des arts-01
pont des arts-02
pont des arts-03
pont des arts-04
pont des arts-05Fashion Tips: Muji animal t-shirt, Ralph Lauren shorts & 
Adidas sneakers.



Youpi!! Mon bébé finally found a tourist site appropriate for his 
age--a Merry-go-around at Place d'Italie in Paris.
Mon bébé immediately chose to ride the big bus he adores nowadays. 
He calls it "tu..tu..tu".
merry go round-01
merry go round-02
merry go round-03
merry go round-04
Fashion Tips: Made in Korea polka dots t-shirt, Baby Zara jeans & 
Adidas sneakers.
Yes, mon bébé went to visit the famous palace museum once occupied 
by the numerous Kings of France, Château de Versailles. The palace 
is splendidly huge, its courts and apartments are decorated with 
sophistication, and the royal garden is secnic and vast. We all 
loved it, so did mon bébé, even though he fell to sleep soon after 
we entered the palace.








Fashion Tips: French Bulldog Made in Korea t-shirt, Baby Zara pants 
& Adidas sneakers.

A long flight…


Mon bébé took his veryt first long flight yesterday. He was sleeping most of the time. When he was awake, he got to watch some TV cartoon episodes, eat some cookies, and walk along the aile a few times. We think mon bébé was well-behaved for a long flight of 13 hours!!

first long fly-01

first long fly-02

first long fly-03

first long fly-04

first long fly-05

first long fly-06

Fashion Tips: Made in Japan striped shirt, Victory of Alpha navy blue shorts & Collegien striped slipper socks.

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