Swim swim swim


Last Sunday, mon bébé took his first baby swimming lesson at the O win 1 school. He was not afraid of water, and had a super fun time during the class. For me, the best thing was that afterwards he took a long nap–long enough for me to sneak out with my friends.




Fashion Tips: O win 1 swimming cap & Goo.N swimming diaper.

My Gym class


It’s been almost one year since mon bébé began his My Gym course. During this time, mon bébé usually went to My Gym once a week to have some physical exercise. From time to time, Agon and Ama asked mon bébé what he did and learned in his gym classes.

Well, here is the thing:

my gym-12

my gym-11

my gym-02

my gym-05

my gym-10

my gym-09

my gym-08

my gym-04

my gym-03

my gym-07

my gym-06

my gym-01

my gym-00

Fashion Tips: Le Phare “vive les vacances” t shirt & H&M jeans.

A fruit boy


Mon bébé likes fruit so much since he was little. Everytime he sees one, he is all eyes on grabbing as much of them as he can. What a greedy boy!!

fruit boy

Fashion Tips: Le Phare white t shirt, local brand striped shorts & Muji wooden tricycle.

The Airport


Auntie Yiling and I found a new place for mon bébé and Xiaohu to play – the Songshan Airport. The kids can watch airplans taking off or landing at the observation deck. There is a Mos Burger for their liking. And above all, the big, bright, and air-conditionned airport lobby, where mon bébé and Xiaohu just couldn’t stop running, crawling and laughing.





Fashion Tips: B. Comma t shirt, Zara Baby beige trousers & Collegien indoor shoes.



Special thanks to auntie Jiin and uncle Mao for taking us to the one and only Skywalk in Taiwan. The Xiao Wulai Fall at Taoyuan is around 70 meters high, and the Skywalk is located right above it. Mon bébé enjoyed watching the water while walking on the see-through pathway. I was trembling like a cat, though.




Fashion Tips: Moncler navy blue jacket, Old Navy grey pants & Adidas sneakers.

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