Lunch time



Mon bébé likes to go to A-Gon & A-Ma’s office at noon for a free lunch. As shown in the pictures below, the luncheon menu served there usually includes 4 home-made dishes, along with a soup and rice. Their cook is a vegetarian, but the meat courses she made are amazingly delicious.

lunch time-01 lunch time-02

Fashion Tips: T-shirt & shorts from Ralph Lauren & Bib from TiDi.

Happy Papa’s Day


Mon bébé doesn’t know how to say it, so I will say it for him: “Papa, happy father’s day!! I really appreciate the matchbox cars you collect for me (more than one hundred pieces now), along with the nice “road”carpet for the car game.”


papa's day-02

Fashion Tips: Phare de la Baleine white shirt & Old Navy grey shorts.

Choo choo…


“Mon bébé’s train go choo choo choo, choo choo choo, choo choo choo. Mon bébé’s train go choo choo choo, all day long.” Mon bébé is in LOVE with his train set nowadays. He spends a lot of time on it. And Papa’s job is to set up his train tracks to help mon bébé play his “choo choo” in a varierty of ways.



Fashion Tips: Muji black t shirt & Montagut Paris whirt shorts.

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