A baby zoo…


Today, Papa and I took mon bébé to a special zoo of  babies. There are 2 baby boys (almost 4 months old) and 1 baby girl (5 months old). Mon bébé watched them, studied them, and even tried to touch them. It was a great occasion for him to learn something new. And we had a lot of fun!

p.s. They are actually mon bébé’s cousins.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap white bodysuit & Pei-Tou market brown pants.


Stop spitting!!


Mon bébé recently discovered the fun of spitting, which made me very nervous. I tried to reason out with him the other day. I said, “Mon bébé, you can spit whenever you want only if you are a MLB (major league baseball) player. So now, stop spitting!!”  

Fashion Tips: www.bellemaison.jp summer one-piece.


         Can mon bébé be the next Zinedine Zidane or David Beckham?                Let’s just wait and see…

Fashion Tips: Gap navy blue ensemble & Old Navy navy blue socks. 


A new game…


Mon bébé recently discovered a new game that makes Papa very nervous.

Every now and then, mon bébé rolls to the bookshelf, takes his time to choose some books, and then attacks them one by one. 20-30 minutes later, some books stand strangly, while others lay on the floor in disorder. Soon after mon bébé is satisfied, he rolls back so as to appreciate his nice art work.

Usually, we do this when Papa is not at home. Mon bébé is happy, and I get my precious 20-30 minutes of freedom.

Fashion Tips: Old Navy bodysuit & Mom and Bab striped shorts.


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