A little chef


Fashion Tips: Plenty Collection dark grey bodysuit, Baby Bean navy blue trousers & Baby Gap dark grey socks.

For friends who have seen the video “A Crawling Contest 091612” on YouTube, here are some special features.

For those who want to know the record, mon bébé was ranked 4th out of 32 baby crawlers.

*video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n51re1K-iU

Fashion Tips: H&M tie shirt & local brand grey shorts (easy for crawling).

A fun day…


Yesterday, mon bébé and I went to auntie Jiin’s place. And we had lots of fun.

Mon bébé met the sweet mini poodle named Chocolate. At first, mon bébé was quite uncomfortable with Chocolate’s tongue. But at the end, they got along fairly well…

At auntie Jiin’s place, we also discovered that mon bébé seems to enjoy playing music. He played triangle, tambourin, and glockenspiel all with certain rhythm. And when he played auntie Jiin’s piano,…on my…, his face lit up.

Fashion Tips: Local brand zebra hoodie shirt & Crocodile black trousers.

Mon bébé is very fond of glasses nowadays. He tries to grab papa’s glasses whenever possible. Today, I let him try on my glasses made solely for UV protection. He does have a small air of papa.

Fashion Tips: BabyGap sleeveless white top & Spitfire England glasses.

I once introduced mon bébé’s antique collection. Now I’d like to talk about his favorite collection–trash toys. The collection was started with a beer can from Tianmu A-Ma. Little by little, mon bébé has assembled a whloe box of trash, made by all kinds of daily-use stuff. And each and every day mon bébé spends quite some time shaking them, rolling them, and tossing them around.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap navy blue sleeveless top & Baby King white shorts.

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