Photo shoot


Mon bébé is a lucky baby. Two weeks ago, mon bébé had his very first photo shoot taken at iF A-Gon’s office. During the photo shoot, mon bébé posed naturally and smiled to the camera from different angles. The photographer was happy with the result. So was I.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap white bodysuit, H&M grey stripped shirt, Zara kids grey shorts & Old Navy grey socks.

*Most of you got it right, for mon bébé was pooping in the last post.  



p.s. The question will be answered in the next post.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap navy blue sleeveless top & Pei-Tou market boxers.


Xiao-Hu’s place


Today, mon bébé visited Xiao-Hu (almost 2 years old) and his one-month old sister. Xiao-Hu is a little angel, for he shared generously his toys with mon bébé. Mon bébé was so amazed by Xiao-Hu’s toy collection that he didn’t want to go home.

Fashion Tips: stripped one-piece & Ralph Lauren Shirt.


Papa’s office


Today, Papa took A-Ma & mon bébé to visit his office. The office has a long wall of bookshelves, a comfy sofa bed, a large desk, and a great green view. Mon bébé is excited by everything and is happy to be there.

Fashion Tips: white bodysuit & black/white zebra pants.


TV time


Mon bébé likes to watch TV, just like papa and maman. Everyday mon bébé gets his 15-minute TV time to watch his favorite “Chio-Hu” (巧虎) episode. As you can see, mon bébé is watching Chio-Hu with full attention, even though he has been watching the same episode for more than 20 times.

Fashion Tips: Carter’s bodysuit & Baby Gap shorts.


 Taking care of a baby is not that difficult. For me, the most weary part is to clean everything mon bébé destroyed all the time, without enough sleep. 

Fashion Tips: white/skyblue stripped summer one-piece.


 Today mon bébé is going to show you a few yoga moves for babies. Beware that these poses are safe and easy to do only for 6-8 month old babies. For illustration please see the following pictures. Don’t foget to breath during the exercise!  

Fashion Tips: Guggenheim museum t shirt & Pei-Tou market white boxers.


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