Mon bébé had his very first movie experience in Paris, or, at Champs Elysées, to be more specific. There were only a few places in Paris airing Hollywood movies with their original audio in English.

angry bird-00

angry bird-01

angry bird-02

Fashion Tips: Aigle rain jacket & Monoprix kids coat.

Since last week, mon bébé has enrolled in the Kiddies Club to have some English lessons & cooking classes. What a relief that he can do something in Paris without us XD.

Here are some pictures of this charming school the lovely Laure founded about a year ago.



Playmobil FunPark


This is not only a Playmobil fun park for kids to play, it is certainly a great place for parents to relax as well. Papa and I finally got our two precious hours for some reading.





Fashion Tips: Monoprix kids black jacket, H&M Star Wars sweat shirt, Global Work pants & New Balance sneakers.

This is mon bébé’s second time in Paris. Since our stay will be longer this time, we figure that we could try things we didn’t do when we visited Paris back in 2013. Here is the first thing: pushing adorable vintage sailboat around the duck pond at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

boat time-01


boat time-02

Fashion Tips: Global work grey t-shirt, Hugo Boss jeans & New Balance sneakers.

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