A DIY parking lot


Papa has helped mon bébé collect matchbox cars for quite some time. For mon bébé’s 80 small cars, I built a parking lot from a cardboard box. Now mon bébé can park some of his cars in the 3-floor parking lot and have some fun by sliding his cars on its huge slope!


Fashion Tips: Baby Gap one piece.

Water play…


Auntie Judi bought a paddle pool for cousins A-Sam & A-Joe a while ago. Yesterday, mon bébé finally got his chance to play in it. Mon bébé just loved it. He couldn’t stop splashing the water, stomping it, playing the water balls, and sliding in it. A-Sam & A-Joe seemed to be more interested in my digital camera, though.

water play-01

water play-02

water play-03

Fashion Tips: Zara swim shorts for all 3 boys.

A photo shoot


Yesterday, mon bébé posed in studio for TiDi, a polka dots brand for kids like him. He was very playful and quite relaxed. The pictures turn out great!!

for tidi

Fashion Tips: Bluewind polka dots shirt, H&M jeans, Old Navy black socks, Adidas sneakers & TiDi polka dots backpack (www.facebook.com/tidistudio).


This morning, mon bébé lined up all his vehicles, probably just for fun. At the age of 20 months, mon bébé has 2 race cars, 1 tricycle, and 2 riding animals. I just don’t think we have enough room for any additions.

ride collection

Fashion Tips: B. Comma Made in Korea t shirt & a diaper (mon bébé refused to wear pants this morning).

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