First haircut


Papa decided to take mon bébé to have his very first haircut done, even though mon bébé didn’t have much hair.

The salon is specialized for serving kid’s from 0-12 years old. As you can see in the pictures, the place is very kid friendly. Mon bébé chose a yellow car to sit on. The hair-stylist must be talented. She had to cut mon bébé’s hair and entertain him at the same time.

30 minutes later…mon bébé wasn’t a baby anymore. He is a little boy now.

p.s. The cost was 600NT (around $20).

Fashion Tips: the colorful haircut poncho.


This morning…


It happened like this…

Around 11:00am, the door bell rang. I opened the door. The concierge and two police officers stood at our doorway.

Police officer A: Did someone call 1-1-0 (like 911 in the U.S.)?

Me: No, I didn’t.

Police officer A: We received a phone call from the number 8xxx-xxxx. Is this your number?

Me: Yes, it is.

Police officer B: We received the call, and no one spoke on the phone. We thought it would be better to stop by and see what happened…

Me: I didn’t call…But it could be my son…who played the phone…

Then the police officers saw mon bébé crawled across the room.

Police officer A: You do have a baby boy at home.

Me: Sorry for everything, I won’t let him play the phone anymore…

After I bade goodbye to the police officers, and shut the door…

Me: MON BEBE….#%*!#$(%%*)&)*_+

p.s. 1: Don’t let your kids play telephone, unless you like surprises…

p.s. 2: The police officers take 1-1-0 calls seriously. So, boys and girls, don’t be the shepherd boy in the stroy of “The boy who cried wolf.”

p.s. 3: I need to buy a toy telephone to mon bébé ASAP.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap white bodysuit & local brand blue shorts.


Tom & Jerry


Today mon bébé met two fluffy friends -Tom & Jerry- at Papa’s working place. No, no, no, Tom is not a cat and Jerry is not a mouse. Tom and Jerry are dogs, and they are sisters. They are around 3-4months old. As such, they are younger than mon bébé. Both Tom and Jerry are super cute and friendly. Please help spread the word that Jerry is still looking for her new home.

p.s. Congratulations to Tom, for she has found her new Papa/Maman. And special thanks to uncle Wu for taking care of Tom & Jerry.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap sleeveless bodysuit & local brand pants.


Men’s talk



Fashion Tips: Petit Bateau striped oxford shirt & Zara grey shorts.


After Taichung in July, mon bébé visted Tainan last week. This time, mon bébé took Taiwan High Speed Rail for the trip. At the speed of 300km/h, we arrived at Tainan when mon bébé just woken from his big nap.

Here are some spots we visited in this oldest city of Taiwan.

– Chihkan Tower, built by the Dutch in 1653.

– A japanese dinner gathering with Auntie Niki and Zoé.

– Confucian Temple, also called the Scholarly Temple, built in 1665.

– Du Hsiao Yueh, the best-known Tainan Dan-tsu noodles.

Fashion tips: Striped t-shirt and grey shorts are both local brands – made in Taiwan. 


At the age of 10 months, mon bébé has a nice collection of antique toys. Here are some rarities in his collection.

*Special thanks to iF A-Gon for all these one-of-a-kind toys. 

Fashion Tips: Garanimals camouflage pants & local market white t-shirt. 


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