Mon bébé had baby bottle decay on his 2 front teeth. After taking the root canal treatment for about 2 months, he got 2 little temporary crown teeth.

Mon bébé was calm and brave during this uneasy and long procedure. We are proud of him!



Fashion Tips: Black t-shirt & grey jacket by H&M.

Happy 5


A toddler of 5-year-old is certainly different from when he was 4.

 This morning, mon bébé told us how he would like to celebrate his birthday. One scenario about his party is that, we hide somewhere at first, and then jump out and say “Surprise” after mon bébé walk into the party. As to his birthday cake. mon bébé suggested that we ask the restaurant waitress put his cake in the fridge during our meal, and then bring out the cake with a number 5 shaped candle on the top when it is about time.

We granted all his wishes one by one. But can we still call them birthday surprises  XD?

Here are mon bébé’s photos from Birthday 1 to Birthday 5. Check out his different temperaments at different stages.



Fashion Tips: Comme ça ism T shirt & TiDi Backpack

Talent show


Mon bébé and his buddies were invited to the Talent Show at Caves Books. The 3 little ones were the first on stage that Sunday afternoon. They introduced themselves in French and then performed 2 easy French rhymes. Their first stage experience went quite well, in my opinion^_^.

All of the participants received medals, certificates and gifts in the end. What a lovely event!

talent show-01

talent show-02

talent show-03

talent show-04

Fashion Tips: agnès b. black tie t-shirt, Muji pants & Nike sneakers.

July report


We have been working hard to resume our routine lives since we came back from Paris. Everything is fine for mon bébé, not to mention that he gets to play with his buddies every school day. But the biggest news is that mon bébé has slept in his own bed for about 2 weeks now. This is surely a wonderful progress for me as well, for I finally get to sleep tight and need not worry about being disturbed by his sidekicks.


Fashion Tips: Ikea kid’s bed and bedding.

Mon bébé had his very first movie experience in Paris, or, at Champs Elysées, to be more specific. There were only a few places in Paris airing Hollywood movies with their original audio in English.

angry bird-00

angry bird-01

angry bird-02

Fashion Tips: Aigle rain jacket & Monoprix kids coat.

Since last week, mon bébé has enrolled in the Kiddies Club to have some English lessons & cooking classes. What a relief that he can do something in Paris without us😄.

Here are some pictures of this charming school the lovely Laure founded about a year ago.



Playmobil FunPark


This is not only a Playmobil fun park for kids to play, it is certainly a great place for parents to relax as well. Papa and I finally got our two precious hours for some reading.





Fashion Tips: Monoprix kids black jacket, H&M Star Wars sweat shirt, Global Work pants & New Balance sneakers.

This is mon bébé’s second time in Paris. Since our stay will be longer this time, we figure that we could try things we didn’t do when we visited Paris back in 2013. Here is the first thing: pushing adorable vintage sailboat around the duck pond at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

boat time-01


boat time-02

Fashion Tips: Global work grey t-shirt, Hugo Boss jeans & New Balance sneakers.

Bath time


At the age of 4 and half, mon bébé can take a bath all by himself, and he does it surprisingly well. The following step by step picture can tell everything ^_<.


Fashion Tips: None.



After working at Family Mart and 7-11, mon bébé had the chance to be Uncle McDonald’s apprentice last week. Mon bébé washed his hands properly, examined fast food quality, mopped tables, and worked at the checkout. At the end, mon bébé earned an ice cream and many other little gifts. How cool was that?!



Fashion Tips: McDonald’s uniform.

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