Mon bébé just lost his FIRST baby tooth during our trip in Tokyo while eating his breakfast. It was certainly an exceptional experience for me. I pretended that I was super calm and everthing was under control. But the truth was that I was scared to hell when the tooth moved back and forth like a tumbler toy.


Fashion Tips: 19 teeth to go.

Legoland Billund


I know, I know, it’s been a month. But I think we still need to blog about our trip to the most famous theme park in Denmark: Legoland . Mon bébé, as a big fan of these little bricks, surely would want to read this post and recall the great time we had over there someday.

The weather was nice and sunny. The attraction site was as big as a pleasant theme park sould be. Mon bébé enjoyed taking some rides suitable for his age. He was most excited when he finally met his favorite Ninjago. Mon bébé also had his first face painting that afternoon. And guess what, he spotted a lego model of Taipei 101.


Fashion Tips: Gap vest, Mikihouse jeans, The North Face sneakers, and TiDi polka dots backpack.


A trip with Papa


Mon bébé visited the Cou and attended their mayasvi this past week.  Mon bébé enjoyed very much his first 3-day road trip with Papa, and he shared many fresh memories with his schoolmates, including, among others, how the Cou warriors trimmed the sacred tree during the mayasvi, and the taste of pig head soup.






Fashion Tips: Aboriginal-style red hat.

Field trip


Mon bébé’s first field trip with his schoolmates at NTU farm, organised by mums.





Fashion Tips: Polo shirt by Tommy Hilfiger and shorts by H&M (Yes, we are in December and in short sleeves XD.)



Mon bébé got up very early this morning for his X’mas gifts. And he was so happy!!

Thank you to all friends and family members for the wonderful presents.

Thank you also to Santa, for helping us negotiate with mon bébé XD.



Fashion Tips: North Pole pajamas.



Mon bébé had a busy schedule in the past 2 months. He got to visit Japan with Pipi A-gon and Pipi A-ma. He saw and learned a lot during this trip.

1.Mon bébé got to see and touch the very first snow in his life in Tokyo.


2. Mon bébé learned to pray in the famous Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.



3. Mon bébé tried to taste Tako Tamago (octopus with a quail egg inside the head) in Nishiki market in Kyoto. It was tasty and special, but cold.


4.He went to his favorite place in Kyoto (the only site he didn’t want to leave): Kyoto Railway Museum.



5. He learned to do Yoga while sleeping…haha.


Fashion Tips: Monoprix kids puffer jacket that they wore almost everyday..

Mon bébé had baby bottle decay on his 2 front teeth. After taking the root canal treatment for about 2 months, he got 2 little temporary crown teeth.

Mon bébé was calm and brave during this uneasy and long procedure. We are proud of him!



Fashion Tips: Black t-shirt & grey jacket by H&M.

Happy 5


A toddler of 5-year-old is certainly different from when he was 4.

 This morning, mon bébé told us how he would like to celebrate his birthday. One scenario about his party is that, we hide somewhere at first, and then jump out and say “Surprise” after mon bébé walk into the party. As to his birthday cake. mon bébé suggested that we ask the restaurant waitress put his cake in the fridge during our meal, and then bring out the cake with a number 5 shaped candle on the top when it is about time.

We granted all his wishes one by one. But can we still call them birthday surprises  XD?

Here are mon bébé’s photos from Birthday 1 to Birthday 5. Check out his different temperaments at different stages.



Fashion Tips: Comme ça ism T shirt & TiDi Backpack

Talent show


Mon bébé and his buddies were invited to the Talent Show at Caves Books. The 3 little ones were the first on stage that Sunday afternoon. They introduced themselves in French and then performed 2 easy French rhymes. Their first stage experience went quite well, in my opinion^_^.

All of the participants received medals, certificates and gifts in the end. What a lovely event!

talent show-01

talent show-02

talent show-03

talent show-04

Fashion Tips: agnès b. black tie t-shirt, Muji pants & Nike sneakers.

July report


We have been working hard to resume our routine lives since we came back from Paris. Everything is fine for mon bébé, not to mention that he gets to play with his buddies every school day. But the biggest news is that mon bébé has slept in his own bed for about 2 weeks now. This is surely a wonderful progress for me as well, for I finally get to sleep tight and need not worry about being disturbed by his sidekicks.


Fashion Tips: Ikea kid’s bed and bedding.

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