Happy Halloween!!



Mon bébé was invited to My Gym’s Halloween Party yesterday. And we all had a lot of fun!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!

Fashion Tips: Harry Potter outfit.



Mon bébé likes to go to the 7-11 right downstairs as much as Papa and Maman do. It seems, though, mon bébé has much better connections there than his parents. Every 7-11 worker greets him warmly, and some would try to entertain him with free candies. The shop manager once offered a free instant noodles to me, for she was pleased that mon bébé shook hand with her.

Fashion Tips: Le Phare de la Baleine kids T-shirt, Yi Yi Tu black pants & Nikokids shoes.

A little walker…



Yup, mon bébé is starting to walk. Little by little, he has gone through the transformation from a 4-legged baby to a two-legged child. Nowadays mon bébé spends lots of time practicing this new skill. Much to our relief, he also appears to have new appreciation of his chance to sit on a stroller.

Fashion Tips: The dragon t-shirt, the polka dot pants and the silver shoes are all from local nameless brand.

A picnic day…



iF A-Gon invited us to have a Saturday morning picnic at Da An forest park today.

It is not only a good place for picnic, but also a super cool place for kids to play, swing, and ride. Mon bébé had a great time. So did his 2 little cousins A-Sam & A-Joe.

Fashion Tips: H&M trompe l’oeil t-shirt, Baby Gap bodysuit, Crocodile Junior shorts (mon bébé) & Ralph Lauren one-piece (A-Sam & A-Joe).

Birthday Parties…


iF A-Ma said that mon bébé is a lucky baby to have 3 birthday parties in a row…

Papa and I were so tired that we decided to hold mon bébé next party no sooner than 4 years from now.

2012. 09.29.

2012. 10.02.

2012. 10.07.

p.s. spacial thanks to all friends and relatives.

365 days old



Happy Birthday to the naugthy little one…

Fashion Tips: Petit Bateau striped shirt + H&M jeans.

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