Crib makeover


Mon bébé hasn’t slept on his own bed for a rather long time. Two days ago, I decided to give his crib a second life. The makeover was easy. I simply turned the crib upside down. Now, mon bébé enojoys spending his playing time in his new secret base.

crib makeover-01

crib makeover-02

Fashion Tips: H&M striped shirt and grey pants.

Yoga at home


If I can do this by the end of 2014, my yoga teacher will give me 3 classes for free >_<.


Fashion Tips: Le Phare shirt & H&M shorts.

Shangtayou Park


Shangtayou Park (上塔悠公園) in Dazhi, Taipei is a great spot for bicycling and picnicking.

Shangtayou Park-01

Shangtayou Park-02

Fashion Tips: H&M polo shirt, H&M shorts and Muji sneakers.

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