Milk Magazine


Few monthes ago, I submitted a picture of mon bébé to the French kid’s magazine MILK as a bid for its Look de Rue (Street Look) section. Today MILK’s website featured mon bébé’s picture under the heading “Sunglasses.” A small kid wearing oversized sunglasses–what a fun look!!



Here is the link:

Fashion Tips: Urban Outfitters adult sunglasses.



Youpi! Mon bébé finally got his very first passport. In order to spell mon bébé’s name the way we want, Papa had to submit his passport application in person. From now on, mon bébé is ready to travel abroad!!


Fashion Tips: Le Phare de la Baleine white t shirt.

A little helper


Mon bébé is a little helper. He enjoys helping maman by dragging the trash bag from the kitchen to the doorway everyday. When we ask him to clean up his toys, he is not that cooperative, though.

little helper

Fashion Tips: Comptoir des Cotonniers grey FuFu bodysuit, Le Phare white sailor t-shirt & Made in Taiwan grey pants.

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