Bonjour Zoé!


Mon bébé was meeting Zoé for the very first time this afternoon. Zoé is a 4- year old, lovely, french-taiwanese little girl. I have been a friend of her mum for almost 10 years. No wonder mon bébé and Zoé seem to have great connections.

Fashion Tips: one-piece.


Xiao-Hu’s place


Today, mon bébé visited Xiao-Hu (almost 2 years old) and his one-month old sister. Xiao-Hu is a little angel, for he shared generously his toys with mon bébé. Mon bébé was so amazed by Xiao-Hu’s toy collection that he didn’t want to go home.

Fashion Tips: stripped one-piece & Ralph Lauren Shirt.


A baby zoo…


Today, Papa and I took mon bébé to a special zoo of  babies. There are 2 baby boys (almost 4 months old) and 1 baby girl (5 months old). Mon bébé watched them, studied them, and even tried to touch them. It was a great occasion for him to learn something new. And we had a lot of fun!

p.s. They are actually mon bébé’s cousins.

Fashion Tips: Baby Gap white bodysuit & Pei-Tou market brown pants.




One of mon bébé’s daily activities is flying like a superman.

Today, mon bébé finally got his first mission: visiting his one-month old twin cousins and teaching them how to behave like a superbaby.

Fashion Tips: Combi kimono top and Zara mini pants. 


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