Shoes collection…


Mon bébé is a lucky baby. At the age of 6 months, mon bébé already has more shoes than Papa does.

All shoes are gifts from A-gon, A-ma and aunties.

Fashion Tips: College Kids Harvard University bodysuit, Jamping Beans pants and Ralph Lauren socks and shoes.


Papa and I had a dream that one day mon bébé could walk FuFu for us. In the past, we walked FuFu twice a day everyday without exception, even in snowing days when the outdoor temperature was -15°c. Walking FuFu was a big deal in our daily life, and we once wished that walking FuFu would be mon bébé’s responsibility.

Sadly auntie FuFu left us last year when I was 3 month pregnant. Mon bébé doesn’t have the chance to get to know auntie FuFu, but at least he can wear her.

Fashion Tips: Comptoir des Cotonniers french bulldog bodysuit.

 In memory of FuFu 03.18.1998-03.30.2011




Last month, auntie Joy took me to the traditional day market (中崙市場) to find some children’s clothes. The store was just like an Ali baba’s cave, unorganized but with a lot of treasures.

The polka dot pants in the picture were purchased there. Surprisingly, they cost only 100nt (a bit more than $3 dollars). The pants are soft and light, perfect for summer time. They are also very stylish and Made in Taiwan. 

Fashion Tips: Old Navy white bodysuit and Plenty Collection (Made in Taiwan) rabbit bodysuit.


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