At B & D’s


We would like to say thank you to B (uncle MS) & D (auntie HW)*
for hosting us at their lovely house Rosemount 
in a beautiful English town. 
We all had a super great time!!
B&D-01Yap, this is B & D's house named "Rosemount."

B&D-02Papa and uncle B just couldn't stop talking while auntie D 
(the iron chef) was preparing the meal.

B&D-04Everything was deliciously made.

B&D-05Mon bébé had so much fun playing on the grass 
for the very first time.

B&D-06We had some whisky tasting 2 nights in a roll.

B&D-08In the morning, we had for breakfast auntie D's legendary homemade 
cheesecake, which was as yummy as always. 

B&D-10Pictures at Stoneleigh Abbey.

B&D-11Auntie D took some awsome pictures of mon bébé.

B&D-13Picnic at Stratford upon Avon.

B&D-14Of course, the sandwich was prepared by auntie D, too.

B&D-15Cold beer at The Garrick Inn.

B&D-17Pictures in front of Shakespeare's birthplace.

B&D-18BBQ for the second evening.

B&D-19See..., the joyful holidays we had with B & D.

*Mon bébé calls uncle MS "B" and auntie HW "D".

Fashion Tips: Baby Zara striped shirt, denim shorts & CVS shoes.

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