Mon bébé had a busy schedule in the past 2 months. He got to visit Japan with Pipi A-gon and Pipi A-ma. He saw and learned a lot during this trip.

1.Mon bébé got to see and touch the very first snow in his life in Tokyo.


2. Mon bébé learned to pray in the famous Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.



3. Mon bébé tried to taste Tako Tamago (octopus with a quail egg inside the head) in Nishiki market in Kyoto. It was tasty and special, but cold.


4.He went to his favorite place in Kyoto (the only site he didn’t want to leave): Kyoto Railway Museum.



5. He learned to do Yoga while sleeping…haha.


Fashion Tips: Monoprix kids puffer jacket that they wore almost everyday..

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