Agon & mon bébé


To celebrate iF Agon’s 70th birthday, iF Ama organized a 2-day trip in Tainan, a beautiful city with many historical sites to visit and lots of delicious flavors to taste. We all had great time!

During our trip, mon bébé and Agon had special connections. Mon bébé smiled at Agon all the time, and he wanted to be held only by Agon. Everyone else disliked mon bébé’s favoritism, except Agon.

Day 1.

agon tainan-01

agon tainan-02

agon tainan-03

Day 2.

agon tainan-04

agon tainan-05

agon tainan-06

agon tainan-07

Fashion Tips: Day 1 (H&M white shirt, Baby Gap navy blue bodysuit, grey pants & New Balance navy blue sneakers.) & Day 2 (H&M white trompe l’oeil shirt, Made in Korea polka dots jacket, H&M jeans & New Balance navy blue sneakers.).

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