Hualien sequel


hualien day 2-00

After bidding goodbye to Taroko, we went to downtown Hualien where I hadn’t been to before. We tasted some local flavors and did some sightseeing before we flied back to Taipei.

Day 2

The Hualien Downtown…

hualien day 2-01

hualien day 2-02

Tasting Hualien: 扁食 & 炸彈(蛋)蔥油餅

hualien day 2-03

hualien day 2-04

The Beautiful Pine Garden…

hualien day 2-05

hualien day 2-06

Fashion Tips: KingKow dog face sweatshirt, Bonpoint ( blue navy trousers, Baby grey animal ears cap & KuKu Walk navy blue boots.

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