New dog…


I always believe that a family is incomplete without A dog.  Papa and I sometimes talk about bringing home a puppy to grow up along with mon bébé. We finally did that last week.

We took mon bébé to a store, and let him choose between a Beagle (Snoopy type dog) and an English Bulldog (my FuFu’s english cousin). Mon bébé was very excited and smiled at both of them. Then mon bébé raised his small hands slowly and touched the bigger one. Just as Papa had wished, mon bébé chose the ugly but good-hearted English bulldog.

We named him A-Fu.

Fashion Tips: Old Navy white bodysuit, Plenty Collection stripe bodysuit, and houndstooth pants.


4 Responses to “New dog…”

  1. Soojung in Cambridge said

    How lovely! Ur fqmily is totally complete now! It’s a beautiful coincedence that ur bebe chose the same breed of Fufu’s (technically Fufu’s cousin’s).

  2. Sooung ssi, thank you for your feedback…haha!!

  3. shunling said

    i like the red string – and you did tie the knot for them. i’m sure afu is going to have a long-lived happy and loving life with ton bébé, just like what fufu had with you.

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