Babies are all angels when they are sleeping. Never mind he/she just ate trash an hour ago, or screamed like a monster 5 minutes ago.

Mon bébé had a lunch appointment with IF A-gon & A-ma today. Since he is going through some sort of  bonding process, mon bébé gets strong separation anxiety when being an inch away from me. Over the lunch, he cried none stop when someone besides me held him. So I had to eat my supreme steak (cooked for 36 hours) in just 3 minutes and gulp my latte, while holding mon bébé in my arms ALL THE TIME. That was the moment mon bébé was not cute at all. And I wanted to……him (you imagine).

But no matter what he had done to me, once he starts to smile, play, or even sleep, he is my angel again.

Fashion Tips: Plenty Collection dark grey bodysuit, Carter’s kimono style star bodysuit and Carter’s brown blanket.


One Response to “Angel…”

  1. JUDI said

    I ate my steak in 1 min !
    And i always wanted to ……………(so many way!!)
    But Tubaby was terrible at the end of that day.

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