What a nightmare!!


Bathing is one of mon bébé’s favorite daily activities. Mon bébé enjoys kicking and playing water. Papa and I enjoy this bonding moment with mon bébé. It is usually a pleasant time for all of us.

But sometimes, the happy hour can turn into a nightmare in seconds, when mon bébé unconsciously poops during his bath. OH MY GOD…That means, I have to pull mon bébé off the water immediately, re-clean the baby bathtub and refill the water again. Everything has to be done as quick as possible. In the meantime, Papa has to hold mon bébé in towel in case he gets cold. Then, we have to wash mon bébé all over again. 

Fortunately, it had happened only 3 times so far.

Fashion Tips: the emporer’s new clothes.


3 Responses to “What a nightmare!!”

  1. JUDI said

    haha….i do have ur fashion tips.
    And it’s happened one time of mon bebe.

  2. HJ said

    oh my god, it never ever crossed my mind about the combination of bathing and pooing. now i do realize the greatness of parenthood. m_m

  3. shunling said

    best fashion tip ever for babies!

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