Mosquito busters…


    As summer approaches, more and more mosquitos get into the house, and choose to attack the juiciest skin . Mon bébé is the obvious target. That’s why, mon bébé always has some red bumps on his forehead.

    Papa and I get very nervous  about this. We try to kill mosquitos whenever we see one. With ball, when it rests high. With paper stick, when it flies a bit lower. But the most efficient way is to crush it with bare hands. Several days after our war began, my shooting average is aound 60%, and Papa’s approaches the highest level…99,5%. We call ourselves the Mosquito busters.

Fashion Tips: Zara Mini I love Mummy t-shirt and Baby Gap blue navy leggings. 


One Response to “Mosquito busters…”

  1. JUDI said

    U should buy the light of mosquito.

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