Peko’s brother…


A few days ago, Papa showed a series of mon bébé’s photos (taken by auntie Charline) on Facebook. We got a lot of feedbacks. Some friends said that mon bébé looks like his Papa. Others said that mon bébé has A-gon’s expression. But auntie Charline said, mon bébé has Peko doll’s big, round, and naughty eyes; he’s just like Peko’s brother.

Fashion Tips: Uniqlo kimono style grey polka dots one-piece and Old Navy white bodysuit.

IF A-gon & A-ma’s Peko collection.

3 Responses to “Peko’s brother…”

  1. charline said

    maman, avec des cheveux courts sera genial 😛
    (Quel mignon petit garçon!)

  2. JUDI said


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